At Nirvana Archipel Resort whether you are an amateur sports person or a confirmed one, let your desires be your guide and choose activities that suit you.

Famille profite d’une activité en jet ski au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


Ideally located between lake and mountain, Nirvana Archipel Resort offers a body of water that is perfect for water activities. Thanks to the various activities on offer, pleasure and relaxation go hand in hand. With all the activities offered on site, you can blend pleasure and relaxation. Every activity will help you discover a bit more about Nam Ngum Lake and its richness. Whatever it is that you choose to do, the scenery around you will turn into unforgettable memories.

Do you like speed ?

Nirvana Archipel Resort offers a multitude of activities for lovers of strong sensations, whether amateur sportspersons or confirmed ones: Jet ski, Wakeboard for sportspersons or Banana Boat for great fun with family or friends.

You prefer calmness ?

If you wish to explore our archipelago with calmer activities, Nirvana Resort offers you: fishing, kayaking, boat cruising, swimming and snorkeling.

Nam Ngum Lake is ideal for activities with friends or family, including children. Whatever you choose to do, amazing emotions are guaranteed!

Le bateau croisière de notre archipel sur le lac Nam Ngum


Accompanied by our guide, enjoy the charm of our cruises for a brilliant tour of Nam Ngum Lake and its islands.

Activité kayak au Nirvana Archipel au Laos


Alone or in good company, embark and sail away on your kayak for an encounter with a wild Laos full of surprises.

Pêche sur le lac Nam Ngum au Nirvana Archipel au Laos


Come to discover the richness and diversity of the underwater fauna while admiring the beauty of the lake and the mountains.

Faire du wakeboard au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


With a glance at the horizon, your feet tied to your board, you are riding the waters of our archipelago. Strong sensations guaranteed!


La réserve animale du Nirvana Archipel au Laos

Animal sanctuary

Concerned about the protection of the fauna and flora, we rescues abandoned animals and takes care of them. Come to discover about 30 animals which have been given a second chance and now live on the peaceful shores of Nam Ngum Lake in Laos.

Bateau disco au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos

Boat Party

Corporate events, birthdays, parties… Nirvana Resort offers a unique cruise, with party atmosphere and
cheerfulness. Come to dance and escape from your everyday life surrounded by the groovy vibes from local and international DJs.