Located in the heart of Nirvana Archipel Resort, our sanctuary offers beautiful surprises. Your stay will be the opportunity to travel close to nature and experience amazing and unexpected encounters.

Notre sanctuaire animalier au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


Located in a special and exceptional place, Nirvana Archipel Resort invites you to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of our animal sanctuary. This sanctuary nurtures about 30 animals. This space is like heaven to them after their painful experience of being abandoned or hunted down by poachers. Observing them is an exotic, touching and enjoyable experience. You will be able to watch, touch and sometimes feed some of the various species living in our archipelago.

Aquatic and wild fauna

During walks around the archipelago or water activities, you will encounter a variety of wild animals or underwater ones: monkeys (many different species), great hornbills, fish (many different species), leopard cats, dogs, and many others.


Our sanctuary has a rich array of aquatic and wild fauna, and it is the opportunity to experience unique and unexpected encounters. Indeed, we have rescued a black bear called Bouba. It is the first time this has happened in the Vientiane region. Bouba has become the mascot of our archipelago, which is a symbol of diversity and protection of animals.

Les singes du Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


In the resort’s area or on the islands, the monkeys are really part of the landscape and play like acrobats for the pleasure of our innocent eyes.

L’our du Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


The Asian black bear (white chested-bear) has a distinct white patch on the chest, which sometimes has the shape of a V. They generally live in the Himalaya Mountains.

Le calao au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


The Great hornbill, found in Southeast Asia, is characterised by its golden yellow helmet. The Great hornbill is a species particularly protected in Thailand.

Poisson alligator au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos


The alligator fish is an endangered species and not very well known. Its origins go back to about 50 million years ago.


Bateau disco au Nirvana Archipel Resort au Laos

Boat Party

Corporate events, birthdays, parties… Nirvana Resort offers a unique cruise, with party atmosphere and cheerfulness. Come to dance and escape from your everyday life surrounded by the groovy vibes from local and international DJs.

Water Sports

Whether friends or family, Nirvana Archipel Resort offers you various water sports and aquatic activities. Wakeboard, jet skiing or simple boat ride… there is something for everyone!